What is The Best Cage for Your Rat?

If you own a pet rat, then you know that these little buggers are quite intelligent. If you observe them long enough you start to notice that they have distinct personalities and unique behavioral nuances, and they love getting cuddles and bonding with their carers as well.

However, like any pet, rats are totally dependent on their owners to fulfill some of their most important needs, not least of which is getting them a nice comfortable space to call home.

This is where rat cages come in.

The important thing to keep in mind when looking for a rat cage isn’t so much the price as it is the amount of space that it has, it’s height and width, as well as the level of safety that it provides.

Now, we can appreciate that it’s not every day that you get to buy a rat cage, which is why we’ve gone to the trouble of doing the research for you to find the best rat cages on the market.

  1. Prevue Hendryx Earthtone Dusted Rose- Best Value for a Large Cage

When it comes to pet cages, Prevue Hendryx knows what they’re doing, which is why they’re such a trusted name among pet owners all over the world. This particular rat cage from them is a spacious model with multiple stories for your furry friend to play around in, and it features a beautiful and unique Earthtone Dusted Rose finish that also happens to be resistant to dust and stains.

If you’ve got a whole brood of rats, then you’ll be glad to know that you won’t have to separate them, as this cage can fit up to six rats with no problem. There’s extra shelving on the bottom of the cage as well which you can use to store rat supplies like treats and toys, while the built-in wheels make it fully mobile.

There are two litter pans included with this model, and there’s enough space for you to add an exercise wheel too if you want. The wiring is pretty solid and won’t bend, and the spaces in between the bars are small enough to keep the rats in, no matter how small their little bodies are.

Installing this cage is quite easy as well and the available reviews suggest that this company offers stellar customer support.

The only thing we didn’t like about this cage was the way they designed the footing. Sure, the plastic material makes it easy to clean, but it doesn’t provide the level of traction required by little paws.

All in all, Prevue Hendryx has done a good job at designing a cage that’s strong, roomy and not too bad in the looks department either. While you might have to replace the plastic/wire footing with something more comfortable, it’s still great value for money when you consider how well-made it is.


  • Lots of space
  • Strong and durable
  • Features durable metal ramps and platforms
  • Beautiful and trendy color
  • Comes with a PR Wind-bell lock OS3


  • The wire bottom is not comfortable at all
  • Makes a considerable amount of noise due to the metal casing and components
  • There have been some reports of difficult installation due to missing parts
  • Cleaning this cage might be a bit more difficult than what you’re used to, due to the undercarriage assembly
  1. Prevue Hendryx – Best Large Rat Cage

This pet rat cage is perfect for anyone that wants to keep their rat happy, stimulated and comfortable. It has a generous amount of space for your pet to enjoy all the playtime activities they want, and this even comes with a little hammock for your little buddy to rest afterward.

Speaking of which, the package as a whole comes with a plastic tray, 2x industrial grade plastic platforms, 2x metal grilles and three easily removable plastic ramps that allow you to clean up quickly and easily.

The two openings featured on this cage are large but escape proof, as they’re protected by stainless steel locks that are long-lasting and resistant to rust and abrasions. They’ve also included a storage compartment at the bottom of the cage to keep things organized.

The actual frame of the cage itself is made from powder-coated stainless steel, which makes it a very durable and hard-wearing cage that will probably last for your pet’s entire lifetime.

Aside from the large doors that make it easy for you to access every corner of this cage, there are also casters that you can use to move it around just in case you want to give your rat a change of scenery. Because this cage was initially designed for ferrets, it’s actually perfect for large rats and you can keep multiple small rats in here too. With that said, you don’t want to go too small with this cage as the space bars are large enough for really small baby rats to fit through and escape.


  • Large 4-storey cage
  • Made with ultra-durable wrought iron
  • Features two huge openings for easy access into the cage
  • Comes with a free hammock for your pet rat to enjoy comforting naps
  • Moving this around is a breeze thanks to the casters


  • The ground base is wired so it may not be comfortable for your pet’s paws

 Yaheetech Metal Ferret Cage – Best Medium Rat Cage

This sizeable rat cage from Yaheetech is the perfect buy for rat owners that have a small space but want to provide comfortable lodgings for their pet. It’s generally designed to fit about two full-grown rats, and on top of the storage options that it comes with. It’s also easy to carry using the included casters, plus it folds up easily as well if that’s a priority for you.

In addition, this is a well-ventilated model with a nice powder coat finish on the stainless steel design, and it also happens to be corrosion resistant as well.

Both you and your pet will be glad to know that this cage offers enough ventilation to keep temperatures and oxygen levels on a comfortable scale. Included in the package and in addition to the cage is a 250mL water bottle, a slide-out tray, three shelves for quick and easy installation, as well as three ramps and a fish bowl.


  • There’s enough space in this cage for two full-grown large rats
  • Easy to move around thanks to hard-wearing casters
  • Features a smooth powder coat finish
  • Comes with all the accessories for your pet to have fun in their new “house”
  • Removable bottom tray
  • Rust-resistant steel construction
  • Accessible through two very safe front doors


  • Slippery ramps might be dangerous for your pet
  • The 0.8 bar spacing means you can’t use this cage for smaller rats
  • The doors may not be as large as advertised
  1. Midwest Deluxe Critter Nation – Best Two-Story Large Cage

If you’re looking for a new home to house your full-sized pet rats, look no further than this model from Critter Nation. At 5 feet tall, this cage is as comfortable as it’s hard-wearing, and it features three covered ramps so that you don’t have to deal with uncomfortable wires.

The main frame has been reinforced for extra durability, while the removable shelving and locking ramp are both handy features when it comes to customizing the cage.

Thanks to its innovatively designed horizontal wire bars, this cage offers extra stimulation as it enables pet rats to climb up and down as they wish.

Also, the manufacturer designed this unit to have several roomy levels so that you can put in as many exercise and stimulation tools as you like, including hammocks, exercise wheels, stuffed toys, rope ladders and more!

You can even purchase another add-on unit from Critter Nation as your rats outgrow this model, and add even more accessories to the party.

The only hitch about this cage is that it may be too pricey for some consumers, but for the most part, we think it offers great value for money all things considered.


  • Very, very spacious
  • Features all-metal construction for maximum durability
  • Generously sized double doors for easy maintenance
  • The doors feature a dual-locking mechanism that’s easy to operate
  • The removable ramps come with comfortable covers


  • The floor trays are really shallow
  • There have been some complaints with regards to missing parts that make the installation a bit difficult
  • This model doesn’t come cheap
  1. Kaytee My First Home Habitat – Best Cheap Rat Cage

Some things just never go out of style, and the same can be said about the Kaytee My First Home Habitat, which ideal for first-time rat owners.

It has enough room to fit two pet rats comfortably and it features multiple levels for maximum stimulation. The footing is characterized by a deep and open space which is designed to keep your pet’s shavings from trickling out. In fact, your rats can play with as much vigor and energy as they like and the bottom will still contain any dirt that’s on the surface.

The thoughtful design doesn’t stop there. However, as this cage has been designed to have narrow bar gaps so that even the smallest baby rats won’t be able to slip out, there aren’t any barred surfaces or grates either, which is great.

Cleaning this cage only requires that you take out the bin and then wipe the whole base clean afterwards, which is a breeze thanks to the smooth plastic finish.

All in all, the Kaytee My First Home Habitat cage is an ideal option for new rat owners because it’s cost-effective, reliable and doesn’t contain any choking hazards.


  • You can place it anywhere, even on your desk!
  • Offers three levels of fun for your pet
  • Easy to clean
  • Cost-effective
  • Features a scatter-free base


  • It doesn’t last very long
  • Might be problematic for avid chewers
  • It’s small
  • The plastic components are remarkably thin
  1. Mcage 3 Levels Tight 1/2-Inch Bar Spacing – Best Budget Rat Cage

With its low-profile black finish and spacious three-level design, this cage has enough space to accommodate up to three rats comfortably. It’s made from an epoxy-finished black wire, which has been tested for safety to ensure that it doesn’t pose any safety hazards for your pet.

It’s a no-fuss cage that can be appropriate for old hands and beginners alike. The base has been kept small so that your pet won’t have a chance of chewing it, which is great news for pet owners that have to deal with eager chewers. However, there’s still enough space on the base for you to slip a small shallow pan through.

If having a lot of features is important to you then you might miss out on the durability and hard-wearing construction offered by this model. You can even use zip ties to reinforce this cage to make sure that your pet won’t have a chance of escaping if he/she manages to rattle it, and even wire ramps have been included to keep your rat safe.

The criss-cross wires on the base have been designed to prevent your rat’s paws from getting caught in it, and there’s plenty of space to keep supplies, accessories and toys like hammocks, a rope ladder and water bottle to keep your pet/s hydrated during play time.

Lastly, this is a budget-friendly option that will leave you with enough money in your pocket to add as many additional customizations as you like.


  • Nice low-profile design
  • Highly portable and ideal for travel
  • Very spacious and comfortable for small or baby rats
  • Budget-friendly
  • Highly customizable


  • This may not be the best option for someone who has a large hamster or any large rat breed
  • There have been some complaints from reviewers saying that the pieces don’t connect well in some instances
  • The wheel might be uncomfortable for your rats as they outgrow this small but comfortable habitat

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